Our Mission

The Mission of The Arts and Culture Enrichment Academy is to provide a holistic, curriculum-based program dedicated to meeting the developmental needs of each child through literacy, art, and cultural immersion. We strive to foster the academic, emotional, physical and social development in an inclusive, safe, and nurturing environment through igniting the imagination of children.

Arts and Culture Enrichment Academy is a non-profit preschool, after-school, summer and youth enrichment program designed to improve academics, and bring the arts and culture to rural communities.

This is a newly formed non-profit.  In 2008, a preschool was started in the Executive Director’s home as a private entity.  It grew to include an after-school and summer program located in a local public elementary school.  The need continues to grow in the rural community of Turner, Oregon, as there are very few opportunities for youth other than sports. The private entity will dissolve and become part of the non-profit in 2020. 

The organization will serve youth age 3 to 12 in the greater Turner, rural Marion County area of Oregon. The enrichment classes like dance, music, and foreign language will be offered to older youth at the discretion of the class instructors.

The Academy will be certified by the State of Oregon Department of Human Services.  The Executive Director and all employees will meet the licensing qualifications, including meeting the education and experience qualifications.  The enrichment courses will be taught by experts, who will charge directly for their services.  All instructors will be background checked and vetted by the Executive Director.  The summer camps will be a combination of Academy staff and local educators from the public schools in the area.  All volunteers who participate, chaperone field trips, and help in the Academy will complete a background check. 

The Academy will be open year-round.  The hours of operation are 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. The Executive Director is looking for a facility in the downtown area of Turner for the convenience of parents and children.

The Arts and Culture Enrichment Academy will have four components including Preschool, After School Care and Enrichment Classes.



Arts and Culture Preschool provides an environment that is open to all learning possibilities and styles. We encourage children to experiment, take risks, learn from mistakes and try something new in their desire to succeed. We focus on developing friendships, individual creativity, global awareness and kindergarten readiness.  We offer a variety of creative choices on a daily basis including art, music, wood working, foreign language, science, literacy, group time, and outside time.

After School Care

The challenge for rural communities is having access to well-organized, productive experiences beyond the school day.  The role that the arts and cultural awareness play in transforming not only education, but the lives of children, has been researched and documented extensively during the last few years.  The Arts and Culture After School Program offers excellent options to extend learning while growing each child’s unique talent. We provide enrichment programs along with tutoring and homework completion for elementary students in rural areas.

Enrichment Classes

The Arts and Culture Preschool and Youth Enrichment will provide year-round classes for children in the community.  The courses can include music lessons, dance lessons, art, theater, and more.  The classes will be offered after-school and in the evening to help meet the needs of families in the community.

Summer Art and Culture Enrichment Camp

The Arts and Culture Summer Enrichment Camp provides a variety of learning experiences for students in the areas of academic and life skills, ranging from visual arts, practical arts, foreign language, literacy enhancement, cooking, wood-working, music, performing arts, youth entrepreneurship and more.  The camp relies on partnerships with community artists, parents, and teachers to lead the camps. The classes are taught by highly skilled specialists with a love for encouraging and inspiring today’s youth.